Victory at Love Corner

ATLANTA'S TOP WORKERS: Sister Loretta Johnson (#9), Sister Daisy Allen-Brooks (#5),
Deacon Steve Roberts (#1), Saint Betty Styles (#4), Saint Josephino Pond (#3),
Sister Andrea Young (#2) & Apostle Marion Johnson, Jr. (#6) celebrate "Victory!"

     Our organization consists of more than a hundred congregations throughout the country. Congregations unite within states and then states within the same class designation compete against other states for "Victory" recognition as the top fundraiser in that class. Georgia has won victory in "B-Class." This has resulted in celebration and joy in the hearts of the members in Atlanta and the state. The funds are used to expand our physical buildings and spread our ministry.

      "Victory" continues to be celebrated in Atlanta! On January 25, 2003, a special banquet in recognition of our congregation's top financial contributors was held at the Sheraton Hotel in the Buckhead community of Atlanta. The event featured a delicious feast, musical performances by Elder Millard Washington and Brother Johnathan Brown and special words of appreciation and gratitude from our Pastor, Apostle Marion Johnson, Jr. and President-of-Presidents, Deacon Willis Morris III. Special recognition was also given to our "Top 10" workers. Atlanta's top worker for the year 2002 is Deacon Steve Roberts followed by Sister Andrea Young and Saint Josephino Pond.

Victory Land B-Class - What's the Big Deal?

By Brother David Mahatha

     In the United House of Prayer for All People one of the most recognized and mentioned events to occur in the Kingdom throughout the entire year is when a state wins victory in its class. You'll hear the crowd cheering and yelling, and see the members put on a dance as if a soul had just been saved. There's celebration in the air and joy in the hearts of the people. But what is the celebration all about? Is it about outdoing your brothers and sisters financially -- or is it something more?

     I have had people outside the faith come up to me and tell me that we in House of Prayer celebrate money more than ministry. To us longtime, and even lifetime members, that assumption is absurd, but to a visitor or new member it may appear that way. For this reason we must be clear about the relationship between our monetary sacrifice and our souls. Our celebration of victory is not merely for the dollars that are collected or the titles of King, Queen, or Prince. But it's the celebration of the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

     Some people may ask, "Why does victory mean so much? Is raising money that important to saving souls?" Well the answer is simple: money can't save us. It can't allow us to compromise with God and not live according to His will. We must first be living sacrifices. Our monetary sacrifice does, however, allow us as individuals to take part in the building of Houses in which preachers can be sent, the Word can be preached, and people can get joy around the mountain as God promised.

     We all know that all things belong to God. Being a provider and supplier of our needs, however, He has shared with us, His children. We just gladly return to Him with our tithes and our sacrificial offerings to help further His gospel. Why not get excited!

      I'm proud to help the Kingdom accomplish its purpose to "erect and maintain houses of prayer where all people may gather for prayer and to worship the Almighty God in Spirit and in Truth…." It is an opportunity for someone else to experience the same love and joy that I do each and every time I enter the sanctuary. I say to those who are skeptical or just uninformed that the celebration is not because I was blessed enough to give more than someone else. I celebrate for those souls that will be saved in the future Houses that my small contribution will help to erect. What better reason to celebrate Victory!

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