Member Spotlight

Sister Cheryl Williams

      Sister Cheryl Williams is a role model who exemplifies a true "Love of God" through both her style and deameanor. On any given Sunday, she may be found performing her duties as a Madison Helping Hand and she has literally been a "Helping Hand" for the last 22 years. She is often the first person to welcome new visitors to the House of Prayer with a comforting smile or kind gesture that makes our House of Prayer feel like "Home."

      In the year 1980, Sister Williams was introduced to the United House of Prayer by St. Missionary Lois Bradshaw and shortly thereafter was blessed to become a member. In 1981, she confessed to be a "Born-Again Christian" and received the Holy Ghost and Fire. It would not be too long after joining the house that she would also sign her name onto the roll of the "McCollough" Helping Hands (which is now the Madison Helping Hands). As a member of this auxiliary, she has served two terms as president, several terms as financial secretary, chaplain, and one term as treasurer. In the year 2002, Sister Williams was blessed to be one of the top financial workers in the Kingdom by being a "Runner-up to the Top 100."

Story written by

Sister Frances White

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