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Serving the Community: Sis. Andrea Young & St. Antoinette Mars show support.

"We are our Brothers' Keeper"

     On January 3, 2003 "The Soldiers of Christ" from "The Love Corner', visited the SET-FREE Ministry. The SET-FREE Ministry is a facility that houses the homeless. The shelter's purpose is to provide an environment of healing and recovery from addictions through Jesus Christ. In addition they promote tenant programs that aid them in intergrading back into society. "The Soldiers of Christ" are a blessing to the tenants and their children by distributing homemade dessert, punch and toys for the children. They also extended an invitation to the residents to visit the United House of Prayer. The children were so delighted that they sang a song to the members of "The Soldiers of Christ" to express their gratitude.

      The residents of the "SET-FREE Ministry was also blessed by the word of God, administered by Elder T. Williams. Other members attending were Sisters A. Young, coordinator, St. A. Mars, A. Marshall, B. Seyon, D. Woodson and Brothers J. Young and Woodley.

A FRIEND: Eld. Thomas Williams (left) ministers to the homeless

Story written by

Sister Andrea Young

There have been tremendous blessings to the Outreach Committee of Atlanta and those who supported their efforts in making a difference in our community during this quarter. If ever you or your family should find yourselves in a need of help in the Atlanta, Georgia area, please contact the Community Outreach Committee. They are knowledgeable of many community resources that are prepared to assist those in need.

     Several times a month, the Outreach Committee visits the Sunbridge Nursing home. During their visits, they hand out birthday cards and gifts to residents celebrating their birthday during that particular month. On one occasion, the residents were blessed to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, administered by Elder Thomas Williams. Committee members, St. Patricia Washington, Chairperson and St. Gerri Dunn, sang songs of praise and worship and assisted Elder Williams by reading scriptures.
     On March 16, 2003, The Madison Adult Choir visited the Sunbridge Nursing Home and delighted the hearts of many while lifting up the name of The Lord in song and praise. The residents were uplifted and joyful. There was an exchange of love between the members of the "Love Corner" and the residents of the Sunbridge Nursing Home. It was a wonderful experience for everyone.

     During this quarter, the Outreach Committee visited the Legacy House, a shelter exclusively for men, and the Atlanta Day Shelter, a shelter exclusively for women and children. Committee members were in awe at the opportunities available to serve the residents of both shelters. Besides being a shelter for the residents, there are programs for rehabilitation and transition back into their respective communities.

Story written by

St. Josephino Pond

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