Black History through Art

ATLANTA'S ARTISTS-IN-RESIDENCE: (left to right) Sis.Kenya Davis,
Bro. Norman Whaley, Eld. Millard Washington, & Sis. Chalice Davis

2003 Exhibition

       "Very pleased" are the words that come to mind when thinking about the success of the first-ever "Black History through Art" Exhibition at the United House Of Prayer, Atlanta. Many were amazed to see the artistic talents right here in our congregation. This art exhibition opened doors for other artists in Atlanta's congregation who were hesitant about expressing their talents through art.

     "Black History through Art" gave the artists a chance to explore the artistic aspects of Black History through different media. The media used in this exhibition ranged from paintings to charcoals and presented a wide array of views to depict various aspects of Black History. Another significant fact about the show was that it involved and combined the works of three different generations of artists. Artists included Sisters Chalise and Kenya Davis (the youngest generation). The Brothers were Norman Whaley (late 20's) and Elder Washington (the eldest of all artists in the exhibition). Together we simultaneously demonstrated our own personal passions for Art in addition to educating our fellow brothers and sisters about Black History.

     If it is The Lord's Will, "Black History through Art" 2004 will be an even greater event with more participants. There are far more artists in Atlanta's House of Prayer than was first realized. My hopes are that one day this will become a national Art Exhibition where artists from across the United House of Prayer kingdom may be exposed and acknowledged.

Story written by

Brother Norman Whaley

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