Youth in ACTION

Brother Floyd Grant

      Brother Floyd Grant is an incredible young teen. He was born to Sister Barbara Grant and Mr. Floyd Washington on March 23, 1987 in Savannah, Georgia. Floyd is a proud member of the Madison Redeemers, where he has played the trombone for four years. Floyd has also been a member of the "Spirits of Georgia" marching band for eight years, where he plays both the symbols and trombone.

      Brother Grant says, "The House of Prayer is my life". He loves to read the book of Proverbs and is an avid tithes payer and financial worker. His Mom says, "One of his favorite quotes is 'If it is the Lord's Will.'" As a junior deacon, Floyd is always at his post during youth services on Sundays by praying, singing, testifying and collecting offerings with pride, honor and dignity for the Lord God.

     Floyd, a six-feet tall teen weighting in at approximately 200 pounds and also affectionately known as "Baby Shack", dominates the basketball courts as a power forward and center at North Atlanta High School. With a 3.0 grade point average, Floyd is a student-athlete whose favorite subject is math. His hobbies includes listening to and playing music, football and volleyball. His favorite shows are comedy and scary movies and his favorite cuisine is seafood. In the future, Floyd would like to play in the NBA for the Atlanta Hawks. However his ultimate desire is to become a business owner.

     The Grants have a long lineage in the in United House of Prayer. Floyd says, "The most important people in my life are my Mom and Dad. Family is very important to me; it's who I am." Floyd is a continuing link by being a good role model in The House of Prayer as well as in the rest of the community.

Story written by

Sister Andrea Young

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