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     Bishop C. M. (Sweet Daddy) Grace built the first House of Prayer for all people with his own hands in 1919 in West Wareham, Massachusetts.  In 1926, the United House of Prayer for all People was incorporated in Washington, D.C. Under Daddy Grace's leadership, there were more than one hundred Houses of Prayer established.

     Following Bishop Grace's death, Bishop W. (Sweet Daddy) McCollough took over the reigns of this far-flung organization and led it to higher heights and deeper depths in Christ Jesus.  After the death of Bishop McCollough in early 1991, the Honorable S. C. (Sweet Daddy) Madison was elected Bishop of the House of Prayer.

     The year 2002, marks the 11th year of reign of Precious Daddy Madison and the 76th year of the blessed Annual Holy Convocation that is celebrated throughout the House of Prayer.

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